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2, 4 or 9 Square

  • The player who bounces the ball on the court is the server
  • The ball must be hit with open hands in an upward motion
  • The ball must bounce once before it is hit
  • Players may move anywhere in their own square
  • A player is out if: he/she hits the ball out of bounds, the ball lands on any line, he/she hits the ball in his/her own square, the ball bounces more than once before it is hit, or the ball does not bounce before it is hit



  • Use the basketball hoops appropriately
  • Use a half court if there are less than 6 players who want to play



  • Students can use the field for a variety of reasons
  • There should never be students playing in the bushes or on any embankment
  • Students should stay clear of all other games in progress
  • Running is always allowed on the field
  • Tag is ok, but, monitor it closely.  If the game becomes dangerous or problematic in any way, stop the game and redirect students to a different game



  • There are four players
  • The players start behind the start line
  • One player is chosen as the server
  • The server bounces the ball once and hits the ball toward the wall to begin the game
  • The serve is only good if it crosses the serve line and is able to be hit by the next player
  • Players will take turns, in order, hitting the ball
  • When hit, the ball must hit the wall and bounce back into the court
  • The player can hit the ball before or after it has bounced one time
  • The ball can be hit with a closed fist, open hand, two hands, or in a slicing motion
  • “Babies” and “Impossibles” are allowed.  “Catchies” are NOT allowed.
  • A player is out when: he/she hits the ball and it hits the wall and ground at the same time, the ball is hit out of the court, the ball is not hit after the first bounce, a player blocks another player on his turn
  • New players will be rotated in after each player is out, the server position will be rotated when the server gets out


Horizontal Bars

  • Only one person is allowed on each bar at a time
  • Students waiting for the bar must count to 10 twice for their turn
  • Knee swings only with two hands securely on the bar
  • Chin-ups are ok
  • No standing, walking, playing or lingering beneath the bars at any time



  • Two teams will be created with an equal number of players
  • Teams will take turns “kicking” and playing in the outfield
  • Kicking teams will kick until there are three outs or six runs scored
  • Players must be tagged out
  • The kicker must kick the ball past the pitcher
  • No tag is necessary for a force out
  • The runner may not run after the ball is caught
  • Under no circumstances may the ball be thrown at another player



  • One student at a time
  • Go down on your “bottom”
  • Do not linger at the bottom of the slide



  • Two teams will be created with an equal number of players
  • Closed toed shoes are required to play
  • Up to 2 goalies can be chosen for each team.  Players must take turns playing goalie if multiple players want to be goalie
  • The ball will be placed at midfield to start the game
  • When a goal is scored, play will be restarted at midfield by the opposing team
  • If the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines, it will be thrown back in to play
  • If the ball goes out of bounds at the goal line, it will be a goal kick or corner kick, depending on which team kicked the ball out of bounds
  • Players can wear pennies if they choose too but they are not required.  If players choose to wear pennies, they must be worn properly, with head and both arms placed in the appropriate places



  • No running
  • No jumping off the structure
  • Only one child at a time on the climbing bars
  • No lingering underneath the climbing bars
  • Keep one hand on the bars at all times
  • Take turns



  • Only swing straight while seated upright, no twisting or backwards swinging
  • Count twice to 10 and then it is your  turn to swing
  • Stand in front and out of the way of the person swinging while you are counting
  • No jumping off the swings
  • No walking or playing beneath or between the swings



  • The server is chosen by holding the ball away from the pole and letting go.  The side the ball falls toward is the server.
  • The person who is not the server chooses which direction the game will be played
  • The winner serves the next game
  • The server must allow the opponent to hit the ball at least once before winning
  • Each player must stay in his/her zone
  • A player is automatically out when he/she: touches the pole, steps out of his/her zone, hits the ball with any other part of the body besides the hands, or catches the ball
  • The winner is determined by the player who wraps the ball around the pole first


Tricycles (Kindergarten Area)

  • Only go in one direction, counter clockwise, two times
  • Children must wait in line for a turn to ride
  • Helmets are optional


Wood Chip Area

  • No throwing the wood chips
  • No wrestling or grabbing other children
  • No running in the wood chip area or concrete area

SOCCER - Revised 10.20.13

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