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Health Office


Welcome to the Paloma Elementary

School Health Office!  


Our office is staffed with an itinerant District Nurse, Shannon QuanRN, BSN, PHN and a Health Clerk on site daily,Jennifer Thompson.  Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the health of your child. 


Please review our webpage for information that will help you with the health care needs of your child in school.


Below are some important reminders:

1) "Healthy students learn better." 

Students should not be sent to school with the symptoms listed


- Fever (100 or above)

- Vomiting

- Diarrhea

- Nausea with or without vomiting

- Pain that is not controlled

- Flu symptoms

- Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye). This requires a

  physicians' note


Students may return to school:

- Fever free for 24 hours

- No vomiting for the last 24 hours

- Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye) when antibiotic treatment 

 has been administered for at least 24 hours and ​​​​symptoms ​​​​have



2) Students with injuries requiring the use of wheelchairs,

crutches, splints, braces, or casts require a physician's note and

an indication of when they are able to resume regular activities.

These students will be restricted from contact sports and other

designated activities on the playground.


3) Due to unexpected illnesses and emergencies, current work,

home, and cell phone numbers are important to our school. Please

take the time to update any changes in your personal phone

numbers and emergency contact numbers.


Thank you for helping keep our school healthy and safe. 




Shannon Quan

Shannon is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Nursing from California State University, San Marcos.  She began her career as an Registered Nurse, working in a Cardiac and Med/Surg Unit.  Her passion for helping as an RN in the community setting inspired her to switch from working in a hospital environment to working in schools.  Previously, she worked as a School District Nurse in Bonsall, and is excited to have the opportunity to work here in the community in which she resides. 


Shannon is married and has three children who attend Temecula Valley School District.  In her free time she is busy being a typical mom taxiing her kids to their activities.  In addition, she loves to bake, try new restaurants, read, and watch funny movies.


Shannon's goal is to promote optimal health for students and provide assistance as an RN to the students, staff, and families at the schools in which she serves.


Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer has worked for TVUSD since 2002 in multiple capacities. She has worked for the last 4 years in the health office. 


It is her privilege to care for the kids of Paloma whether it is scrapes, band-aids, hugs, or just some "magical ice." No care or concern is too small, the health office door is always open.


Jennifer is a vital part and keeps this office neat, organized, and running smoothly.



Shannon Quan, RN, BSN, PHN: 


Jennifer Thompson, Health Clerk: