Are you interested in volunteering your time at Paloma?  Are you interested in making a significant difference in our school?


If so, we'd love to have you volunteer at our school.  Every volunteer that comes to Paloma is important, helpful, and greatly appreciated.  We know that we could not have the amazing school that we do, without you.


But, before you can come and volunteer for any length of time, we want you to be prepared. 

So, here's what you need to do BEFORE you can volunteer:


1.  Read the Volunteer Code of Conduct

It is really important that all of our volunteers support our school and the expectations we have for students.  Please click HERE, read the code of conduct, and sign in agreement.


2.  Complete the Megan's Law Background Check Form

Click HERE and you can print a copy of this form.  Or, come to the office and we will give you one.


3.  Obtain verification of a negative TB test

You can obtain this verification from your primary doctor or other source at your discretion.  If you are in need of a local resource, click HERE.  You are not required to visit Inland Urgent Care for this verification.  Where you obtain the result, is up to you.


Once you have the negative TB test / verification, please make a copy for us to keep.


4.  Come to the school office.  Please see Kim.

Turn in your signed Megan's Law Background Check, your signed Volunteer Code of Conduct, and your negative TB test / verification.  We will process your paperwork and add you to our list of Approved Volunteers.


You are now ready to volunteer!  Thank you so much for following these steps.  We cannot wait to have you on our campus, supporting our staff and students!


If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact the office.